Live With Greg – Season 3 Episode 26 – Systems of Consciousness

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I had the pleasure of hanging out with Michael Gusek for episode #26. I first came to know of Michael from an article about his work with artificial intelligence and mass unstructured data. This is a topic of fascination for me. Learning that he lived close by, I contacted him with an invite to be a guest for LIVE WITH GREG. …and he agreed!! Michael is an "A.I. Product Professional", co-founder of Sensai - which recently was acquired by Sovereign Intelligence. "With our proprietary library of full-spectrum Internet data and our new deep learning platform, we find patterns in large textual datasets, whether external to the network or internal to the enterprise." We discussed AI, evolution of thoughts - shifts and struggles consciousness undergoes in its evolutionary shifts. For me - I could have hung out a lot longer then I did. I hope you enjoy this one!

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