Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 28 – Living Hope

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Alright; Season Four starts off with a "Bang!". I had the pleasure, honor and opportunity to hang out with one of my dear friends, Christina Gerber. I can't tell you all she is in my life because I honestly don't know... and I think she is one of the few people in my life that I feel that way about. Her experiences and practices are way beyond my bounds of knowledge and sometimes beyond my areas of comfort. That said, I trust her implicitly and I'm really pleased that she is willing to start Season Four off... and she bravely does so. You can learn more about her with these links: Links to My Affiliates and Favorite Vendors: My Nikken Wellness Store, StarWest, Young Living & ZNatural Transform with your favorite crystal skull The Crystalline Stellar Skulls are angelic, sentient beings who came to Team Earth. A crystal skull is waiting for you now!

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