Live With Greg – Season 4 Episode 34 – Gentle Awakenings

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I was going to title this, "A Gentle Heart". I've named it after the book that "Kimmie" authored, GENTLE AWAKENINGS. I received a fabulous gift in being introduced to C. K. Chipman-Jonsson, and having her approval to do an episode with me. There are many gentle hearts I have met on this planet — she is one of the main ones shining the way. I think we all have gentleness in us. To live it moment to moment is a practice; one Kimmie took up long ago. The gift of her being still resonates with me. Perhaps you shall find a gift in her episode here. Enjoy. For every heart there is a season and like a skipping stone, we touch down briefly, before we disappear into the sea of life." ~ C. K. Chipman-Jonsson - Gentle Awakenings

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