Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 69 – Waste Not; Want Not

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August 2021, episode 69, is an encore visit with Molly de Vries. She has truly been a dear friend, someone I've grown close to. AND!... more importantly, she is a Zero Waste warrior! An Earth liaison for community - us lay people & governing bodies - and the entities dealing with waste management. Molly is spear-heading the work to remove single-serve cups from Mill Valley: "Help Mill Valley launch a first-of-its-kind reusable lending-cup program to end single-use waste." So - let's get a link on here for her fund-raiser: Her knowledge and experience with zero waste and the business of waste management is far deeper then we were able to get to; we just are scratching the surface with this episode. Here are some reference links she passed my way: Redwood Landfill Composting Marin Sanitary Service Curbside Composting OMRI 501(c)(3) - OMRI verifies the substances used in organic production

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