EP 111 — Paul Chek: Own 2021

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Are you so stressed out about what’s happened in the world so far this year you’re worried about what may come in 2021?

Despite the challenges of 2020, your ability to create a better, healthier world for you and your family in the coming year is well within your reach.

Paul shares his insights and wisdom on how you can own 2021 in this inspirational solo Living 4D podcast.

Show Notes

  • Correlations by the numbers. (3:04)
  • What 2020 means numerologically for us. (18:06)
  • Shadow contents in the unconsciousness. (26:53)
  • 5: The numerological tipping point. (38:04)
  • Own 2021: Creating happiness. (50:33)
  • Own 2021: Loving yourself. (54:55)
  • The pain of being honest is easier to handle than wearing masks. (1:04:45)
  • Spending time in touch with nature helps us love ourselves better. (1:11:30)
  • Own 2021: Nurturing your power, strength, passion and internal fire. (1:25:26)
  • Own 2021: Becoming more resilient. (1:30:32)
  • Own 2021: Finding the calm to learn from our challenges and mistakes. (1:43:31)
  • Own 2021: Recognizing the roadblocks around you and overcoming them. (1:52:38)
  • Practice the basics to live and love fully. (2:00:18)


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