EP 119 — Doreya Karim: BioGeometry 2: Subtle Energies in Health and Disease

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Paul explored a wide range of topics with the founder of BioGeometry Dr. Ibrahim Karim and Doreya Karim in their first Living 4D conversation.
This week, Doreya Karim returns to discuss the basics of BioGeometry in this very angular Living 4D podcast.

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Find Doreya on social media via Facebook.

Show Notes

  • Doreya’s vision for BioGeometry: Creating a new Golden Age. (7:59)
  • The intersection of BioGeometry and alchemy. (14:55)
  • The various levels of our lives (emotional, mental, spiritual) connected in harmonic unity. (27:02)
  • Human shapes and positioning affect BioGeometry. (37:22)
  • Defining subtle energies. (44:12)
  • BioGeometry was used to treat hepatitis C successfully. (50:03)
  • The connection between energy and information. (1:05:22)
  • The principle of the responsibility of the senses. (1:16:55)
  • The center exists within everything. (1:28:45)
  • Creating a sacred, centering space in your home and on your body through BioGeometry products. (1:37:24)
  • Protecting people around you with BioGeometry. (1:50:47)
  • Repairing the cracked steps. (2:05:02)
  • Subconscious habits. (2:16:35)
  • Proving BioGeometry to the world. (2:25:23)
  • Subtle energy pathways, grid lines and power spots. (2:42:23)
  • Defining consciousness. (2:49:05)
  • BioGeometry by the numbers. (2:55:03)
  • The chakra system and BioGeometry. (3:03:23)
  • The physics of quality. (3:14:38)
  • Entering the energy key. (3:23:14)


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