EP 120 — Jerry Ross and Danny Way: The Chemistry of Freedom

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How do natural healthy products get discovered and created?
Botanic Tonics CEO Jerry Ross shares how he's developed, launched and sold his successful line of plant-based products with Paul and extreme sports star Danny Way in this very organic Living 4D podcast.
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Learn more about Botanic Tonics at their website and GacLife and social media via Facebook and Instagram.

Show Notes

  • Success as a teenage weightlifter established a healthy ritual Jerry has followed throughout his life. (9:05)
  • Jerry’s first plant medicine experience with kava. (17:02)
  • Jerry’s light-bulb moment in rehab while watching A Beautiful Mind. (25:33)
  • Danny finds an alternative to conventional painkilling meds. (30:47)
  • The magical combination Jerry discovered that makes kava and kratom dance with feel free. (48:45)
  • The Gac fruit, the nutritional basis for Jerry’s GacLife line of products. (1:12:28)
  • What does the 80 percent natural ingredients claim on any processed food really mean? (1:35:48)
  • Danny’s describes his life and exploits as experiments that educate others. (1:59:04)
  • Paul shares one of his fantasies. (2:03:40)
  • The future of Jerry’s product lines with GacLife and feel free. (2:16:50)
  • Danny introduced Laird Hamilton to Paul. (2:27:04)


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