EP 124 — Jason E. Smith: Religious But Not Religious

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How do you find God in a world with so many religions, and all of them claim to know everything?

Jungian analyst Jason E. Smith describes a holistic path and discusses his book, Religious But Not Religious, in this very Jungian Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Jason’s work at his website and connect with him via social media on Facebook and Twitter. Listen to Jason’s podcast, Digital Jung, on Buzzsprout.

Show Notes

  • The gift of a Joseph Campbell book ignited Jason’s exploration into all things Carl Jung. (6:29)
  • “A human life is too short for learning how to live a human life.” (14:15)
  • Viewing religion and the universe through wonder and awe and enjoying the mystery rather than making the world conform rationally. (27:20)
  • Differentiation and separation from the collective. (42:50)
  • Holding on too tightly to your belief in God may mean a lack of trust of faith in that Higher Power. (58:13)
  • Does the absence of emptiness mean we’re not alone? (1:07:46)
  • How organized movements in religion and science push people further away from what’s larger than ourselves. (1:17:16)
  • What being a Jungian means to Jason. (1:28:21)
  • The pursuit of pleasure in the material world just isn’t enough for most of us. (1:38:57)
  • “From another perspective — utilitarian or economic — there's nothing more useless than wisdom.” (1:51:10)
  • “The individual is never the same as the statistic.” (2:08:59)
  • Religion as a fixed thing, not an experience. (2:20:00)
  • The relevance and origins of myth. (2:26:15)
  • The mystical vs. the numinous vs. the transpersonal. (2:39:13)
  • “God is not an answer to any question. God is the ultimate question…” (2:46:42)


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