EP 127 — Eileen Troberman: The Alexander Technique For Body-Mind Freedom

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Are you having trouble overcoming tensions that get in the way of living a more stress-free life?

Master Practitioner Eileen Troberman describes the Alexander Technique and shares some simple techniques that combine movement and consciousness to ease tension in your body in this relaxing Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Eileen’s work on her website and YouTube.

Show Notes

  • Learning yoga from an unskilled practitioner could be fatal. (9:52)
  • The Alexander Technique is a sensory experience. (12:59)
  • Eileen’s journey to becoming an Alexander instructor was fueled by massive coincidences around doing laundry. (23:27)
  • Eileen studied under Marjorie Barstow, the first graduate of F.M. Alexander’s first training course in 1933. (32:41)
  • How the Alexander Technique works by undoing signals and making movement more efficient. (40:19)
  • Using the Alexander Technique to work with your emotions and relationships. (52:12)
  • Treating breathing problems with the Alexander Technique. (1:10:43)
  • Do habits and good intentions work together to create positive change? (1:17:30)
  • Eileen shares some quick and easy exercises you can do on your own. (1:34:12)
  • Focusing on your ease to lessen anxiety. (1:56:35)
  • The healthy, relaxing release of non-doing and letting go. (2:13:14)
  • “If you think, just don’t tighten first, you’re already tightening but you don’t know it yet.” (2:21:25)
  • Does concentration promote tension? (2:28:43)


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