EP 138 — Freddy Silva: Universe, Christ and Man

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Many experts claim to know ancient history but few really understand it like Freddy Silva, a best-selling author and a leading researcher in the study of ancient civilizations and metaphysics.

Freddy shares his hands-on research the origins of human life, the beginning of the Catholic Church and what constitutes extraterrestrial life in this ethereal Living 4D conversation

Learn more about Freddy and his work at his invisible temple website.

Show Notes

  • Training in advertising taught Freddy how to share complex subjects with skeptical audiences. (13:32)
  • Freddy sticks with the ancients for explaining the metaphysical world because they were closer to nature. (18:30)
  • “The gods were real people, human-like, but not quite human.” (25:29)
  • Rethink your concept of extraterrestrial beings. (30:24)
  • The real relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. (39:37)
  • Origins of the Catholic Church. (43:43)
  • How were ancient temples built? (54:21)
  • What is the creator? (1:04:00)
  • When will the change of ages happen, if it does at all? (1:10:07)
  • The power of story, myths, allegories and parables. (1:18:39)


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