EP 142 — James Tunney: The Dangers of Scientocracy Today

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Is the worship of science replacing God in our lives?

Author and painter James Tunney explains how the encroachment of science and globalization are harming our world and humanity in this wide-ranging Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about James, his books and art at his website.

Show Notes

  • Can spirituality be a pre-existing condition? (14:24)
  • After studying law for seven years, James went on a new adventure to paint, teach and learn massage. (15:43)
  • James shifts to painting, writing and being a stay-at-home father. (26:20)
  • Basic societal systems fail to grow properly due to a lack of mystical and spiritual evolution and a focus on materialistic control. (41:23)
  • Mystical versus corporate Christianity. (57:29)
  • The path of light that shows us the way forward. (1:03:09)
  • The departure of the scientific class from our planet with no plans to help the earth heal was predicted more than 90 years ago. (1:16:40)
  • A new empire of scientism, not science. (1:25:13)
  • The web of deceit. (1:34:58)
  • How scientism may harm our children. (1:58:27)
  • “Globalization isn’t a strategy. It’s a tactic.” (2:13:04)
  • Scientific socialism. (2:30:08)
  • Archetypes: The root language of consciousness. (2:41:15)
  • When does the power of non-violent spiritual freedom become more important than life itself? (3:00:27)
  • Artists explore life with a unique yet lonely curiosity for seeking the truth. (3:11:06)
  • Spiritual evolution can happen anywhere. (3:16:20)
  • Why it’s critical to retain memories in our being and not rely on digital devices. (3:29:28)


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