EP 147 — Mark Wolynn: DNA: Are Our Ancestors Acting Through Us?

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Did you know some of the most stubborn problems we face may be the result of traumas we’ve inherited across generations?

Paul explores the world of inherited family traumas and how we can begin to end that cycle of pain with one of the world’s noted experts, Mark Wolynn, in this soulful Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Mark and his Inherited Family Trauma Training Program (as well as finding people trained by him) at his website and on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Show Notes

  • Working with a client 30 years ago changed Mark’s life and led him to inherited family trauma as a calling. (7:09)
  • The mechanisms of inherited family trauma right down to our DNA, our children and our children’s children. (16:40)
  • Handling the pandemic in positive, constructive ways. (23:49)
  • “When we reject our parents, we unconsciously reject aspects of ourselves.” (31:51)
  • A simple exercise to heal the relationships with your parents. (42:08)
  • Our bodies are formed in vitro with memories of trauma that gets passed down to future generations. (52:18)
  • An unconscious bond of suffering between parents and their children. (1:01:22)
  • Mark moved from working with energy healing, shamanic journeys and past life regression to inherited trauma 30 years ago. (1:11:13)
  • Mark describes his continuing relationship with the soul of his late sister, especially when he works. (1:14:20)
  • A “gazillion” things influence a child before and after he/she is born. (1:25:01)
  • The first thing Mark does when he works with a new client: Follow her/his trauma language, both verbal and non-verbal. (1:33:33)
  • Identifying one’s greatest fear — the core sentence —is the gold nugget of trauma language. (1:42:14)
  • The resonating force of healing sounds and words. (1:50:56)


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