Diabetes Eye Disease

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Eyes are the most precious organs in your body. They need to be protected from the ravages of diabetes. As a diabetic, you are at risk of developing retinopathy, cataract and glaucoma. Each of these eye diseases will lead to damage to the sight. The worst case scenario is blindness. In this podcast, I explain each of these conditions so as to make you aware of the dangers. Early detection and early action can save your sight. So, blood works and eye screening is highly recommended to protect your sight. Controlling and managing your sugars is the key to healthy eyes so take action. please visit this link and take free a 25 booklet as my gift to you. The book let outlines simple strategies that you can deploy right away to help you to a better life. Additionally, I will send you 4 short videos to help you with your education of the diabetes. These are free and no obligation videos. http://www.cureyourtype2diabetes.com/type2diabetes.html

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