Eyesight damage, partial and complete blindness due to diabetic retinopathy

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Retinopathy can destroy your vision. Robert’s virtual blindness is due to diabetic retinopathy. On the all important subject of the damage to one's vision due to diabetes. Robert Wolk was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the tender age of 8, at 21 he lost 95% of his vision and at age 28 his type 1 diabetes was cured as a result of a double transplant. He was very fortunate to have a kidney as well as a new pancreas. His type1 diabetes was the thing of the past. He was cured of his diabetes. Thus proving that nothing is impossible. Unfortunately for Robert, his eyesight remained at 5% vision leaving him virtually blind. For Robert, compromised vision was no obstacle. He worked hard and achieved all his goals. He ran New York Marathon last year as well as walking 600 miles to pay homage to a sacred place. At present, he is writing two books, he is a coach people to success and busy creating products to sell. He very kindly shared his story with me on the subject of eyesight and what diabetics can do to help themselves to prevent and to pre-empt damage and loss to their vision. In the interview, Robert talked at length about the mistakes that he made by not taking action at the right time. In this longer than usual episode, Robert offers advise, tips and recommendations to help all those who are at risk of developing diabetes. I hope Robert's story serves to inspire people with diabetes, at risk of developing diabetes or even those affected by retinopathy to take action and to help themselves.

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