Insulin and the problem it causes

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I first came across insulin and its role in making you ill in the book by professor Clark. It read something like this ".. it is insulin which is the culprit and not the sugar". The details of the book follow below:- Health Revolution for men -- Kick-start your weight loss and reduce your risk of serious disease in weeks. That one sentence took me to Professor Clark and in 16 weeks I was off all my diabetes medication. As for insulin, it does two nasty things amongst many other; 1. It helps you gain weight 2. and, it stops you from losing weight. Finally, when my insulin was measured, it was 55 which was 11 times the normal insulin in a normal person. PS. My short kindle book is a good read for your continued education. The book is entitled "Insulin & Diabetes Connection: How They Cause Havoc in Your Body and What You Can Do about It." I recommend it highly and it is available via this link ..

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