Miami Hurricanes Have A $5 Mil Transfer Portal NIL Budget? Names To Watch In Portal & Recruiting

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The Miami Hurricanes have an NIL budget of about $5 million for the transfer portal according to a report from Tony Pauline of Pro Football Network. How come everyone is trying to count Miami’s NIL money and seemingly no one else’s? Host Alex Donno believes the Hurricanes get singled out in NIL discussions in order to create negative dialogue about Miami.

Donno takes a look at players who could hit the portal and who he would love to have at The U. Will 240 lb Oregon running back CJ Donaldson hit the portal? Does Miami want Bama running back Trey Sanders, or does he come with too many injury concerns? Could Miami be the right landing spot for Texas A&M’s Shemar Stewert if he decides to leave College Station? Some good news this week: a recent report about Miami’s Tre’Vonte Citizen potentially hitting the portal has been refuted by Gaby Urrutia from Insight The U. Gaby confidently reports that Citizen is staying at Miami.

Donno discusses the latest chatter over the class of 2024 running backs Chris Johnson and Mark Fletcher. Alex feels Miami has a better chance with Johnson but isn’t giving up on Fletcher. Recently, D-Money from Canes Insight reported that we can expect BIG NEWS in Miami recruiting within the next week. What do you think it will be?

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