Analyzing Penn State Football's 2022 Season / Bowl Game & 2023 Predictions

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Locked Nittany Lions host Zach Seyko teams up with music artist Matty Fresh (Matt Freiler), known for hit songs such as "Trace McSorley", "Jahan Dotson", and "Saquon Barkley". Zach and Matt recap the 2022 Penn State football season and break down how the Penn State Nittany Lions were able to finish (10-2), why some Penn State fans should be ashamed for booing Sean Clifford after this season, and which SURPRISE Penn State players could factor into the team MVP conversation. Plus, will the Penn State Nittany Lions play in the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, or the Cotton Bowl. The guys debate which game they will end up in and why they could face THIS opponent. And, it is never too early for 2023 predictions. Have the Nittany Lions closed the gap on the Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes? Find out!

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