5 Keys to Lisa's 117 Lb. Weight Loss

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Today I am joined by Lisa Kahler of the website Big Fat Skinny Dish. She shares some of her tips that have helped her lose 117 lbs.

Weigh In:

In my last episode on 10/20 I was at 234.68 and today (11/12) I am down to $233.04. The thing I've been doing is exercising in the morning. It seems to help me get started in the right direction (and keep going in the right direction the rest of the day)


05:36 Meet Lisa Kahler

06:50 What Was Lisa's Path to Success?

09:50 Consistency Not Intensity

15:59 Self-Love/Self Care

24:40 Discipline

34:24 Accountability

45:26 Patience

48:51 What Thing Made You Say - ENOUGH!

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