Episode 51: Do You Suck at Sleeping?

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Megan and Wendy are tired all the time, so they asked the question "do you suck at sleeping?" Listen in as they share sleep hygiene tips and what is keeping them from getting a restful night's sleep. Plus, full bottom coverage body suits, cruelty-free snail goo for your face, and the best part of a Drumstick. Are you a good sleeper or do you suck at sleeping too? Tell us your tips for powering down before bed. Email the show at meganandwendy@gmail.com. Megan and Wendy share what's keeping them up at night in this podcast episode. Plus, advice on how to power down before getting in bed. Mentioned in Episode 51 Some affiliate links below Join us on Instagram and in our private Facebook group called ShortiesSisters Are Doin' It for ThemselvesTaylor Swift, re-release of Red (Taylor's Version)"All Too Well" short film and "Easter egg" theories and All Too Well notebook10-minute SNL performance Britney Freed!Jessica Simpson takes back control of brandOpen Book by Jessica Simpson (read the dirt on ex Nick Lachey)Instagram made Wendy buy the following items:Lala Kent x Dime "Ocean" Vista Tortoise + Blue Light glassesUproot Cleaner Pro lint tool (or "carpet scraper")Goli Bites chocolate multi-vitaminMuddy Bites - bite sized waffle cones with chocolateGee Thanks Just Bought It podcastA New Day Women's Ribbed Tank Bodysuit ($12, variety of colors) Target - A New Day Women's Ribbed Bodysuit, $12 Katie Sturino shops Old Navy, try-on, fashion show View this post on Instagram A post shared by Katie Sturino (@katiesturino) Check out all the overall options at Old Navy (we're begging for less options)Slouchy Straight Medium-WashStraight Dark-Wash Jean OverallO.G. Workwear Ripped Medium-Wash Jean OverallSlouchy Straight Workwear Dark-Wash OverallSlouchy Straight Workwear Jean Overall ShutEye: Snore and sleep talk recorderWhat is a CPAP machine?How snoring treated by a doctorDental appliance to stop snoringBreathe Right Nasal Strips Sleep Hygiene Tips Mentioned Establish a nighttime routine (warm shower, stretches, meditating)Set sleep and wake timesNo electronics an hour before bedtimeDark, quiet, cool environment30 mins of exercise per dayLimit caffeineLimit nappingDon't eat or work in bedManage stress before bedtime (write a to-do list, weighted blanket, mediation) Sleep Tools if You Sleep Sucks Melatonin (read side effects of Melatonin)CBD Gel Capsules from Lord Jones (this is what Wendy takes)Sleepytime TeaHatch Restore Sound Machine Smart Light AlarmHatch knock-off Wendy boughtNodPod Gentle Pressure Sleep MaskBearaby Cotton Napper Knitted Weighted BlanketPillow Cube Classic, Pro and Ice Cube Cooling Pillow Megan and Wendy Approved! Mrs Meyer's Snowdrop Liquid Hand SoapPeppermint scent Mrs Meyer's productsCosRx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power EssenceHow snail mucin is sourced for beauty productsCosRX is cruelty free

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