Girls Gone Hallmark: Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas Preview Part 2

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Megan and Wendy talk the complete list of Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas preview! Included are all 40+ movies Hallmark will air this holiday season which begins October 22, 2021. How many movies are making it onto your "must watch" list this Christmas season? Better question: Have you see Tyler Hynes' new haircut? Email the show at Megan and Wendy preview Hallmark Channel's 40+ Countdown to Christmas movies. Just in the nick of time, Hallmark Channel released their complete list of Countdown to Christmas movies for 2021. Nothing like telling viewers what to expect two days before the first Christmas movie (You, Me & the Christmas Trees) is to air. You can listen to our Countdown to Christmas preview episode here (this only includes the first nine movies Hallmark originally announced) Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas Preview Now what's that you mentioned about Tyler Hynes? #Hynies how are we feeling about Tyler's new look? We've said for a whole year that we needs to run fingers through his Eddie Munster slicked back hair to see what's up it. Happy to see it shortened up. An Unexpected Christmas, premiering November 26, 2021 tops our list for the number one Hallmark Christmas movie to watch this season. View this post on Instagram A post shared by 🎥🏴🔌📓 (@tyler_hynes) WOWIE ZOWIE! A new category organically emerged during this particularly podcast episode and it's called "Wowie Zowie." Now, were we reacting to the physical attributes of Hallmark's leading men? Yes, yes we were. But, we did throw a Wowie Zowie towards a Hallmark leading lady as well. Should we include a Wowie Zowie award while reviewing Countdown to Christmas movies? Kind of like The Great British Baking Show - Paul Hollywood hand shake? It doesn't make an appearance in every episode, only when it's warranted it's because it was that good. Consider it done (this is news to Megan, BTW). Want More Hallmark Countdown to Christmas Movie Reviews? With so many Countdown to Christmas movies in 2021, we have added a brand new Hallmark tier to our Patreon! For just $3/month we will give you TWO additional Hallmark Countdown to Christmas movie reviews. Join Patreon today – Countdown to Christmas officially begins this weekend, October 22, 2021! When Does Countdown to Christmas Begin? Countdown to Christmas begins on Friday, October 22, 2021 with You, Me & the Christmas Trees starring Danica McKeller, Benjamin Ayres and Jason Hervey. Written by friend of the podcast, Julie Sherman Wolfe. Listen to our interview of Julie here where she discussed writing Taking a Shot at Love. It was recently announced that there will be 41 original movies this holiday season premiering across many of Hallmark’s entertainment platforms, including Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and the Hallmark Movies Now app. What's Different About Countdown to Christmas this Year? Many people are already upset that Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas schedule doesn't include a week of new, original programming on Thanksgiving week. Instead, we're getting double features Friday through Sunday, the day after Thanksgiving. You might notice that the heavy hitters are scheduled for November 26 - November 28th. Movies include actors Tyler Hynes, Bethany Joy Lenz, Taylor Cole, Lacey Chabert, Laura Osnes, John Brotherton and Candace Cameron Bure. The second thing new for this year is a cross over movie with real-life sisters Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Ashley Williams. The first movie called Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday and it premieres on December 5th. The second is called Sister Swap: Christmas in the City. Next, Hallmark will premiere nine original movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. What's interesting is there are a few that include some pretty big Hallmark stars. Is this just an effort to get more viewers to watch Movies & Mysteries? Finally,

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