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Follow him: @hortoncollection

Follow him: @hortoncollection

’I have known Brett and his wife Shelly for nearly 30 years. Take a journey on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride as I chat with Brett about the phenomenal experiences he has had, the champions of the sport who have become family friends, and the joy that collecting has brought to both he and his family. Brett Horton, The Horton Cycling Collection, San Francisco The Troubled Mind of a Passionate Collector Ever wonder what makes a collector tick? Brett, along with his wife and son Trevor, has built one of the most iconic collections of bicycle racing memorabilia in the world. Spanning from the 1880s to today, the collection includes more than 500,000 original photographs, crates of race-worn jerseys, trophies, original art, vintage posters, bicycles, and other memorabilia. Ok, but why? Was this guy not hugged as a kid? Does he really collect the sweaty, used clothing of other adult men? What went so wrong? As an amateur rider about 80 pounds ago, Brett enjoyed a decent level of success, particularly on the track (velodrome). Although he won multiple California champion bear jerseys, he knew pretty early on that there was zero chance he would ever be joining the likes of Greg LeMond, Eddy Merckx, and other champions at the pinnacle of the sport. College came next, and life went on. Nevertheless, the passion remains, and he loves bicycle racing to this day. In addition to building a pretty nice collection, Brett and his wife Shelly have also authored three books: Cycling’s Golden Age, Goggles & Dust, and Shoulder to Shoulder. For more than 20 years, items from their collection have been shown around the globe, most notable being the anchor for the epic 100 th Anniversary Tour de France Exhibition at the historic Hôtel de Ville in Paris. Fans of the sport will find Horton Collection photographs and other memorabilia featured in nearly every issue of Peloton Magazine, and images from the collection have graced more than 30 magazine covers. The Horton Collection Facebook page and website embrace a loyal global following with new pictures and stories presented each day. Keep an eye out for the feature story about the Horton Collection in the upcoming issue of the world’s largest cycling periodical, Bicycling Magazine.

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