Bryce Kanights "skate photographer extraordinaire"

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As a kid growing up in Rhode Island looking at photos of skateboarding in San Francisco was our guide to the world of street skating. Bryce was a huge part of both taking the photos and being in those photos ripping around the streets of S.F. A few years ago we meet threw mutual friends and have been sharing meals and stories ever since. I even had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with him when I launched my kitchen shoes with vans a few years ago.


Bryce Kanights shot his first photographs as a teenage skateboarder on the urban streets of San Francisco. Sparked since those days of his youth, BK's passion, deep-seated involvement, creative mindset and trained eye has captured several generations of youth culture and helped to shape the revolution of board sports in the process. Bryce continues to produce images and bodies of work that are well crafted and acutely reflective of the world around him.

His client list includes: Apple, Quiksilver, Hurley, adidas, GoPro, Volcom, Vans, Levi's, ESPN, Konami, Oakley, Fox Racing, EA Sports, Bell Sports, Da Kine, Sutro Eyewear, Pro-Tec, Activison, Nike, Red Bull, Skully Candy, HUF, Alli Sports, Dew Tour, FTC. Stance, Street League, Monster Energy, Mountain Dew, VICE Media, Skateboarder, Kingpin, Juice, and Thrasher magazines.


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