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Jack rides more in a month then most people ride in a year.

Jack Thompson’s mission is to push the limits of Ultra Cycling. To date, Jack has completed the following extreme challenges:

  • 2021 - The Amazing Chase - Tour de France in 10 Days: 21 stages, 3,500km and 52,000m of climbing

  • 2021 - Portugal South to North Record (715km, 10,200m elevation, 24hr 11min)

  • 2020 - Guinness World Record - Most Kilometers Ridden in 7 Days - 3,505km

  • 2019 - 3 Everestings, 3 Countries, 3 Days (880km & 26,768m elevation across 71hrs including all transfers)

  • 2019 - GP1200 (1,200km & 12,000m elevation in 56 hours - Girona, Spain to Caramulo, Portugal)

  • 2018 - Taiwan KOM (4x Non Stop - 720km & 13,600m elevation in 56 hours)

  • 2017 - 50,000km cycled in a 12 month period

Jack has toured his films and spoken at events around the world to share his story, in particular how he was able to overcome depression and mental health disorders, using the bike as his medicine.

Now based in Girona, Spain, Jack’s focus is in completing extreme challenges that push the envelope of what is humanly possible on a bike, both from a mental and physical point of view and documenting these challenges to share with the world.


Day 5 of The Amazing Chase

Day 5 of The Amazing Chase

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