5: Conch Goes Recklessly Deep

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Teens in Conch love the health department's new anti-smoking campaign a little too much, the ball pit at the Family Fun Zone may be "recklessly deep", Neil gets an indoor sailing lesson, and our attorney advises us that the recent death of a local resident may be "too funny" to discuss on public radio. It's the Season Two premiere of Low Tide!

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Created and produced by Reed Kavner

Season Two writers:
Laurie Berarducci
Brad Frizzell
Sam Gordon
Reed Kavner
Rose Sherman
Sarah Short
Jason Wildhagen

Music by Ultraviolet Sounds

Logo by Mason Phillips


Introduction: Ophira Eisenberg

Neil Sullivan: Reed Kavner

Merick Brewing Company (Hot Beer) (written by Sam Gordon)
Narrator: Greg Boilard

Zach The Pack (written by Brad Frizzell)
Reporter: Alicia Zuckerman
Carl: Chandler Dean
Zach the Pack: Josh Wells
Cigarette Babe: Sarah Short
Teens: Wesley Davis
Principal: Reed Kavner

Sailing Lessons (written by Sam Gordon)
Gail: Brittany MacDonald

Sunset Cruises (written by Brad Frizzell)
Narrator: Sarah Short

Ball Pit (written by Jason Wildhagen)
Roy Carpenter: Jason Gore
Coach Sortino: Ken McGraw
Reporters: The Low Tide writers

In Memoriam (written by Jason Wildhagen)
Katie: Steph Shober
John: Donald Chang

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