Debunking ‘The Dark World of New Age Gurus’ (James Janis Video Is NONSENSE!)

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I DEBUNK the video called ‘The Dark World of New Age Gurus’.

If you haven’t seen his video, it’s here:
A summary of what I say in the video: Thoughts DO create reality, and we CAN manifest anything, just by thought.

That’s not an error, or a scam, that literally, provably and easily happens.

Going after specific characters does nothing to disprove ideas, concepts or experiences.

Napoleon himself, might have been shady, but it really doesn’t matter.
There have been millions of books about law of attraction, and the idea is NOT new.

Ancient cultures knew this since pretty much the dawn of time!

He’s suggesting it’s a relatively new idea that’s been built upon by scammers
Then he goes after channelers /psychics, but again there ARE scammers, and there ARE real ones, like in quite literally any field, any topic, and period of history.
You can’t disprove something that’s observed by millions of people simply by attacking a small handful of specific people.

That doesn’t disprove the topic, or really, anything He then shames the idea that it’s OUR fault whether or not we’re successful.

As if it’s so crazy that we the individual, take some or ANY responsibility for our success and failures.
This is the problem: We DO HAVE 100% power and responsibility over our circumstances, almost all the time.

It IS OUR fault, and this is actually the most empowering thing, because we can then change.
Now he’s talking about random events, like one persons live event, two people died in sauna.

Completely, in every way, irrelevant to the CONCEPTS of law of attraction, and that thoughts create things..

Unfortunate, can see why you chose it to make more interesting video, but dangerously links bad things to concepts, and our brains do the rest
Think about for a second: If a bunch of fitness coaches taught how to do a deadlift.

Then they later found out to be scammers, money obsessed or whatever.

Does that make deadlifts fake? A bad exercise? NO!
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