6+ States ABOVE Lucid Dreaming Revealed (Advanced)

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Lucid dreaming is actually NOT the furthest you can go.
It might seem that way, but there are actually layers and levels FAR ABOVE lucid dreaming.
Astral projection, is one of them. But there are more.
To master and progress to the higher levels, you’ll need to have a firm grip on reality, manifestation, and you’ll need to raise your frequency.
Lower frequency thinking and acting won’t get you there.
There are of course, various ways of raising your vibration, and most people simply don’t know what is MEANT by ‘vibration’.
That's fine too. It’s not your fault as most people don’t have this explained to them very well.
I actually led a small research team to make a breakthrough discovery lately..
We researched, analysed and refined as many personal growth, ancient knowledge, and spiritual wisdom as we possibly could, to find the ‘most effective’ 0.5% of their techniques and teachings.
This led to finding several things that were more effective than ANYTHING else.
The 20% of ACTIONS that produced 80% of the RESULTS. (in this case, the things that raised a persons VIBRATIONS and FREQUENCY fast) - (Pareto Principle). It actually worked out as being the 0.5% of actions that produced 99.5% of the results by the time we refined it even further. You can watch a short video I made explaining more about this here: https://astralhq.com/superhumanfreetraining/ Seriously, if you’re interested in going further, you’ll love this.
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