Facebook Metaverse Is Scary: 3 Reasons Why

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You might think meta verse virtual reality from Facebook is actually a blessing, and all lucid dreamers would love it, right?

Well, absolutely not. At least, not the smart ones. I’ll explain why.

LUCID VIDEO MENTIONED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPOD3Khe8Xg

CryptoVoxels: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/

Decentraland: https://decentraland.org/

Somnium Space: https://somniumspace.com/

‘Meta’ is facebooks new company name. ‘Metaverse’ refers to a VR world, but in this context they’re describing THEIR VR world, linked to Facebook and you, your data, and everyone you knows’ data.

Zuck is also connected to some very shady people and groups..

Now imagine this guy with unlimited resources, time and money changing the entire company name to meta.

Not good, clear they want you living in VR working, socialising, and him in control of all of it!

Even the video announcing the change to META had comments disabled!

Imagine being in a meta dinner and having the very words that you try and say be muted at the virtual dinner table!

Avoid FB meta verse at all costs, look at decentralised metas where you control and YOU even monetise your data or choose to not give any data and be anonymous!

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