How To Lucid Dream EVERY TIME With The DCILD Technique (Beginners Tutorial)

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Do you want to lucid dream every night? Every time you try and do it?
In this beginners lucid dreaming technique tutorial I’ll share how to lucid dream everytime.

It has to do with your DREAM CHARACTERS! The technique itself is called the ‘DCILD technique’ or the DCILD.

You can ask your dream characters to help you become lucid in your dreams.

They can and WILL help you become lucid, stay lucid and have more of the same dreams in the future.

I’m referring to this as the ‘dream character induced lucid dream’, simply because it describes what you’re doing.

You’re literally asking your dream characters to help you with lucid dreaming, and they’re responding.

This is a little technique I’ve sort of refined after trying a mixture of things during a lucid dream.
I’ve recently been playing around a LOT with ‘dream commands’.

I read a great book which explored the implications of dream commands, and it inspired me to explore it more.
(The book for those who are interested is ‘gateway to the inner self’).
🔵 Gateway To The Inner Self Book:
🔵 Lucid Breakthrough System:

For those who don’t know, a dream command is as the name suggests, where you ask the dream to do something.
You could also ask the dream a question, or simply communicate with the dream itself in some way.
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