Lucid Dreaming QUESTIONS To Ask Yourself While Dreaming

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You can actually use dream commands to ask the lucid dream things DIRECTLY, or to control or extract information from your subconscious mind.
Here’s exactly how to do it.
First off, let’s talk about what exactly a lucid dream is and what YOU can do to achieve this state.

Basically, when you dream every night, you experience a sense of being transported into another world or reality,

one that seems to be scripted, almost like a movie. Most of the time, your dreams seem to be totally out of your control.

This means that you’re definitely part of the experience and you sense all of the events and emotions of the dream, but you don’t really control or contribute to its “storyline”.

You’re kind of just forced to accept what the dream throws at you.
The most important part of mastering dream commands is being confident and trusting that the dream will give you what you asked for.

You could try shouting your request in your dreams for even greater effect.

Try something like, “make it snow purple snowflakes!”, or, “make my sister appear right now!”
You could even ask for your dream to reveal deeper questions and curiosities.

Think along the lines of showing you your life purpose, your worst fear, the key to passing your math exam, your true love, and the like.
Another thing you can try is asking more open-ended questions, and seeing all of the crazy possibilities that your subconscious comes up with.

For example, ask the dream to show you something really funny, or to take you to a strange new place.
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