PEMF Devices Explained: Magnetic Waves To Heal And Enhance Your Body

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PEMF devices are pulsed electromagnetic therapy machines, that can really do wonderful things for you.
I’ve spoken before about the Schumann resonance.

A randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled, multicenter study in 36 subjects with persistent low-back
and/or radiating leg pain after lumbar surgery was conducted.
Low-back pain scores for the 42-μs group decreased by 40.2% (p = 0.028), compared to 18.6% for the 38-μs pulse width group (p = 0.037)
and 25.6% for the sham group (p = 0.013 per protocol population).
Average leg pain scores decreased by 45.0% (42 μs, p = 0.009), 17.0% (38 μs, p = 0.293), and 24.5% (sham, p = 0.065).

A German Scientist by the name of Hans Burger using an EEG machine. recording of an electrical frequency transmitted by the human brain.
Later, Dr. Ankur Miller, discovered that the frequency of the Alpha waves reported by Hans Berger was identical to the Schumann's Resonance (the frequency of the earth).
Schumann resonance was not just similar to the alpha waves of the human brain it was identical.

This 7.83hz is placed between alpha/theta brainwave frequency in the human brain.

This brain frequency controls our creativity, performance, stress, anxiety, and our immune system.
When people are exposed to the Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83 Hz, they experience such benefits as “enhanced learning/memory, body rejuvenation, balance, improved stress tolerance, antijet lag,” etc.
On the other hand, when the 7.83 Hz frequency was removed from the people’s environment,
“the subjects experienced migraine headaches, emotional distress and other health problems.”
7.83 Hz frequency is an alpha/theta brainwave frequency in the human brain.
Alpha/Theta brainwave frequency is relaxed, dreamy, sleepy state, that is also when cell regeneration and healing happens.
Wifi, cell phones, and an array of electronics are part of our everyday lives.
PEMF Study:
Medicur Pro PEMF Device if You’re In The UK:
Other PEMF Devices If You’re In US or Other:
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