REALITY SHIFTING FOR BEGINNERS: Everything You Need To Know To Shift

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THIS video is the best, most effective tutorial on reality shifting on YouTube in 2021. Don't believe me? Watch it. I explain popular reality shifting methods, the pillow method, the raven method, and many more as well as HOW they work. I explain also why you would want to use reality shifting!

🔥 The Lucid Breakthrough Course I mentioned:

REALITY SHIFTING is something that has the potential to completely change your life and the world. It's also something that most people get wrong, and don't really understand. There are also a few things to be careful of and reality shifting warnings and dangers.

I made this video to help you understand exactly how to shift your reality in just 3 minutes. This is for beginners, and will help especially if you've been left confused by reality shifting tiktok videos. Reality shifting technique Reality shift Instant reality shifting

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