Reality Shifting Is REAL, So Why Do Some Think It’s Fake?

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There are many reasons why some people (not naming names) don’t believe it, or think it’s fake.
I’ll get into these in this video, but please have respect for people with different beliefs that your own.
Firstly, Programming and conditioning is a very powerful tool.

Most people are SO programmed by society, that even to suggest they’re programmed causes a strong emotional reaction.

‘How can that POSSIBLY be true’ they scream.
Secondly, People tell them it’s fake (that don’t understand). It’s easy to believe what the ‘majority’ believes, because it takes the pressure off.

You no longer need to be critical, because you’re just following what everyone else believes.

If you’re wrong, they’re all also wrong. No pressure.
There are of course, more reasons why people might not believe in shifting, but that’s for another video.
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