What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Know/Like?

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What does it really mean to dream about someone? Have you ever wondered about your dream meaning?
Many people dream about someone they know or someone they love, quite often.
But what do these dreams actually mean?
Dreams are the mind trying to sort out the days (and the rest of your lives’) thoughts and experiences into some sort of order…
When we are Lucid we can notice things about the way the brain sorts these things out.
We can notice tiny changes and details in the way the brain projects certain things.

Let’s look at a very basic example.

You’re dreaming about a new job, you see yourself working there and hear people talking in the nearby offices, you see your boss, and next to him is your old friend that you no longer speak to.
Now think to yourself, why would your brain project your friend next to your boss at your new job?

Maybe you miss them and deep down want to show them how well you’re doing now and catch up with them.

Or, because you’ve projected them next to your boss maybe you’ve always seen them as dominant or controlling.

Bear in mind however, that dream interpretation is almost entirely subjective.
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