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Apart from “quarantine” and “lockdown”, a contender for 2020’s word of the year has to be “uncertainty”. Our recording sessions came to a grinding halt in March and we were stuck indoors through most of the year, unsure of when we’d be able to get back into the studio again. Yet, as we look back at 2020 (even though many of us may not want to), the one thing that remained the same was darn good music. So let’s enjoy some of the best performances on Maed in India last year.

Song List:

Ep.201 Parvaaz - Mastaan (01:32 - 07:02)

Ep.203 Taba Chake - Hugulo (07:50 - 10:37)

Ep.200 Nikhil D'Souza - Love is a Liar (11:48 - 16:52)

Ep.209 Karshni - Fader (18:50 - 21:22)

Ep.207 Bawari Basanti - Kya Bolein (23:13 - 27:11)

Ep.208 Saltwater - Sheets (27:42 - 30:58)

Ep.210 Kanchan Daniel - Jackie (31:44 - 38:19)

Ep.220 Sarathy Korwar - Mawra (39:11 - 46:07)

Ep.204 Seedhe Maut - Dehshat (47:11 - 50:05)

Ep.218 Across Seconds - Four Light Years From Home (50:38 - 55:31)

Ep.222 Shan Vincent De Paul - Die Iconic (56:44 - 58:31)

Ep.205 Azamaan Hoyvoy - ELFL (Everybody Looking For Love) (59:39 - 1:07:16)

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Host: Mae

Twitter: @maebemaebe

Instagram: @maemariyam

Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Producer: Shaun Fanthome & Husein Haveliwala

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