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It’s all about ladies on Maed in India this month, and adding to the feminine spirit, we have blues soul singer Kanchan Daniel on the show. With a voice that’ll give you chills, she sings with pathos and power. Kanchan was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17 with a 0% chance of survival. She talks about what she went through, how she persevered and never allowed it to make her a victim. She tells us about how music gave her a new lease on life, how we have to be a little less harsh on ourselves, beards, MAD comics, kheema pav, and more.

Set List:

Jackie (00:52 - 07:23)

Highland Garden (23:27 - 29:39)

Blue Rain (43:25 - 46:36)

Blackheart (1:00:52 - 1:05:40)

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Host: Mae

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Producer: Jaanam Dewan

Video Directed/Edited: Jishnu 'Short Round' Guha

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