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Breathing can come in different forms - short, deep, light, and heavy just to name a few. This episode is meant to be a stress-reliever, a calming breath to settle the nerves so we can keep on keeping on. A lot of the songs on this mixtape have been written during the lockdown and talk about how we feel about our nights, our days, our friends, and our lives. So take a deep breath and dive in.

Song List:

Alvin Presley - Fallen Mornings (02:41 - 05:35)

Oddisee - Still Strange ft. Priya Ragu & Sainte Ezekiel (08:02 - 12:22)

Shazneen Arethna - After (14:05 - 18:58)

Siddhant Bhosle - Din Aur Raatein (20:04 - 22:32)

Crack Chicken - Kit Katt (24:54 - 28:03)

Bowls - Two Feet (29:06 - 31:37)

Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire, SlowCheeta, Devil The Rhymer, Nuka - Mehfil- E-HipHop (32:56 - 36:40)

Come be our friend:





Host: Mae



Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Producer: Shaun Fanthome

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