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Now it’s impossible to feature every song ever released in the Indian independent music scene on Maed in India (even all the good ones). The show would be really long. Yet, that doesn’t mean that Mae wasn’t feeling some FOMO as we entered 2021. So here’s a mixtape of the goodies we missed featuring on Maed in India in 2020.

Song List:

Yodadrunk - I Break (01:40 - 04:24)

Aditi Ramesh - Sambar Soul (06:02 - 09:28)

Nush Lewis & Kamakshi Khanna - Letters to myself (10:21 - 13:57)

Naveen Richard - Ajinomoto (14:43 - 17:12)

Saby ft. Pho & Frappe Ash - About You (18:05 - 20:55)

Raghav Meattle - City Life (21:30 - 24:04)

Aneesha, Kenzani x Tech Panda - Uncertainty (25:38 - 29:39)


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Host: Mae

Twitter: @maebemaebe

Instagram: @maemariyam

Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Producer: Shaun Fanthome & Husein Haveliwala

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