Maed Mixtape: Maeple

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Maeple [may-pill] noun: A sweet nectar that tastes delicious with pancakes or french toast. It’s also a hallucinogen.

This is the “Month of Mae” and this week we have a new word for your vocabulary and some new music to get stuck in your head. As we try to make sense of our world turned upside down, the one thing we hold on to here at Maed in India, is music. This is our way of passing on the love and snuggles. The songs on this playlist talk about hope for a better tomorrow, how nothing is permanent, accepting change, and cardio.

Set List:

The Tripp - Beach (01:16 - 06:35)

Lojal - Apex of this Life (07:22 - 11:43)

Lojal - 9 ft. Hanumankind (11:45 - 15:40)

Joshua Singh - Make Believe ft. Rachel Singh & Ajay Jayanthi (16:26 - 20:21)

The Andrea Tariang Band - My Time (22:06 - 25:53)

Folk Masti - Aavo Sundirvar (27:14 - 31:57)

Kapow! - Cardio (33:34 - 36:40)

Come be our friend:





Host: Mae



Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Producer: Jaanam Dewan

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