Maed Mixtape: Maetrix

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Maetrix [may-tricks] noun

When you take the red pill and end up in a place where you reveal all your deepest darkest secrets.

So as you can tell this month is a special one, because it’s the month of Mae! And since we’re all about giving because “sharing is caring” we are bringing you 4 weeks of personal crafted mixtapes. This is numero uno from our episode series and we have songs that take you through limbo, Goa, and Flat B1402 as you feel the after effect of a lonely heart from the ground to the sky. Does that make any sense? Well, does anything anymore?

Song List:

Oaff ft. Savera - Lonely Heart (00:56 - 04:10)

Fox in the Garden - Goa (06:32 - 13:12)

Anand Bhaskar Collective - Main Hoon Zameen (14:32 - 21:00)

Mali - Mango Showers (20:14 - 25:53)

Mali - Age of Limbo (26:30 - 29:37)

Space is All We Have - The After Effect (30:07 - 34:28)

Diversion Ahead - B1402 (35:30 - 39:29)

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Host: Mae



Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Producer: Jaanam Dewan

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