Maed Mixtape: Our Neighbours Pt.2

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As the month of August chugs along and given the times we live in, filled with racism, political unrest, fear of immigrants, threats of war, economic crisis and a global pandemic, we felt that it is important to continue to remind each other that no matter where you come from we are all people and our love for music is not confined by geographic boundaries. So, continuing our celebration of music from across our borders, we bring you another mixtape of songs from our neighbours.

Song List:

Janoobi Khargosh - Wizard (01:43 - 05:42)

Ali Suhail - Awaazen (07:46 - 11:07)

Astha Tamang-Maskey - Mirror (12:53 - 16:22)

Astha Tamang-Maskey - Harek Saas Sita (16:23 - 19:55)

Attic - Love Or Hate (21:15 - 25:37)

Poor Rich Boy - Khagazi (26:52 - 29:38)

Phosphenes - Eklai Huda Ta Jhan (30:38 - 35:10)

Come be our friend:





Host: Mae



Audio Editor Post: Vijay Doiphode

Research: Jaanam Dewan

Producer: Shaun Fanthome

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