Keep it simple to find Love- Eimear O' Neill- Episode 96

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Hello What's the craic. Welcome back to the magic minds podcast" Stories that have the power to inspire". We are liberties number one podcast. The best podcast in Dublin 8 I'm proud to say. on the show today is Eimear O Neill. Eimear is a Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach. Her Passion in life is helping people to understand their mind and rapidly transform their life and dream big because your potential is unlimited.

if you would like to know more about Eimear's work you can find her on on social media and

Have a listen and let us know what you think and we would love to hear your feedback. EXCITING NEWS- Matt's book "My Head to My Heart" is now available to purchase. If you enjoy our work and would love to support us with the Publication of Matt's book then please subscribe to our Patreon Page. If you can afford to buy us a coffee or a pint once a month we would be delighted but if you cant that's ok too, you can listen for free. LOVE & KINDNESS TO YOU XXX Huge thank you to our Sponsors and Charities. I want to thank Niall Reilly and the team at Rooney media graphics. Also we have Liberty photos who is owned by Andy who is Matt’s trusty side kick on the podcast. So if you need any photographs for weddings or birthday parties then Liberties Media Hub is the place to go. Shannon's helpline, Don't forget check out our website for more information on our previous interviews Special thanks to our: Sponsors: Niall Reilly- Andrew O'Connell- Supports: Shannon's Hopeline - Mental Health Warriors - Magic Minds Podcast Team Matt Burke- Host Andrew O'Connell- Video Production & social Media Hannah Burke - Social Media

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