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Most of what I see on the internet about small business is garbage. An Instagram account of inspiring quotes is not a business. Maxing out your credit card to buy Facebook ads for your webinar series on how to get rich doing webinars is only going to get you in debt. Let me tell you something, the only people making money on those Get Rich Quick In Real Estate courses are the people selling you the courses. And if you think you can get rich that quickly, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. My name is Glen Sanders, and I’m a small business owner. I come from a family of small business owners. My father owned an office supply company in New Jersey and sold real estate in Florida. My mother owned toy stores in Miami and a business in Texas making custom printed dominos. The father figure in my life was an accountant, raced Porsches, owned restaurants, a boat dealership, and a motel. So it’s no wonder I also became an entrepreneur. My business is Fresh Air Flicks, and we specialize in big outdoor video projection for sporting events, outdoor movies, and marketing. It’s not a big business, but it's lean, its profitable, and it provides a lifestyle that allows me to split my time between Brooklyn New York and a beach in Florida. Main Street Hustle is a podcast that will introduce you to everyday people who become entrepreneurs because they saw a real opportunity and worked their ass off to make it a reality. These are entrepreneurs from around the world who know the path to success is not easy, and it's not quick, but it's totally worth it. They also define wealth as something more than just dollars in the bank. We’re just getting started with this podcast, so your support is super important. Subscribe to Main Street Hustle on iTunes and leave a nice rating and review. Follow us on Facebook as we build a community of like-minded small business owners. will be our hub for extensive show notes, and follow-ups on your favorite entrepreneurs from the podcast. Thanks for listening and enjoy Main Street Hustle.

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