MMD X Clarks: First Steps

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When we say ‘first steps’ - what comes to mind? Perhaps a joyous memory, peppered with a little anxiety also. Watching the people we hold most dear take their first canter towards independence is usually something that is etched into our heads and hearts forever. This platform is honoured to be working with @clarksshoes talk about the major milestone for both parent and child. Clarks are more than just expert shoemakers. They are proud to create every design with their consumers wellbeing in mind, especially so when it comes to their First Shoes collection. Thanks to their strong link with Salford University, they are always ahead of the field, leading the latest research regarding children’s feet and their development working in partnership with Podiatry researchers and specialists. All this knowledge and expertise goes into the creation of every single Clarks kids design, ensuring they protect and nurture little feet. In our latest podcast episode we go a little deeper into the meaning of ‘ first steps’ and talk to a Clark’s specialist about how important it is to get our kids off on the right foot. *as part of this collaboration MMD have chosen to make a donation of new school shoes to two classes of primary school children and Clark’s have matched our donation Visit or to find out more

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