9 Breaking Down What Critical Race Theory Is and Isn’t

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Dr. Nathaniel Granger, Jr. and Mr. Anton Schulzki discuss Critical Race Theory - what it is, and what it isn’t.


League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Regionhttps://www.lwvppr.org/

Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association https://rmhcpa.org/

Learn From History https://learnfromhistory.org/

Making Democracy Work asks questions and provides information to help voters and community members be more active and engaged citizens. Join us as we look for better ways to make democracy work.

This podcast is produced by the League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region (LWVPPR). The mission of the League of Women Voters is: Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy. LWVPPR members actively promote voter and civic education for the public and themselves. This podcast is made possible through the generous support of Shelly Roehrs, real estate agent at Blue Picket Realty. https://bluepicketrealty.com/agent/shelly-roehers/

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