Am I Doing The Same Things As My Narcissistic Mother? How To Know The Difference Between The Silent Treatment and No Contact (Letters To Ronica)

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As daughters of narcissistic mothers, we oftentimes have questions about our situations... But it's hard to find safe people to ask who won't judge us.
In this segment of the show, you can ask your burning questions about your narcissistic mother and get anonymous advice without any judgment... and best of all... one of your fellow sister survivors is probably wondering the same thing!
Got A Question Of Your Own- hop on over into my email at and leave your question there. Just say "Question For The Show" or you can head to and scroll down on the homepage to the section "Letters To Ronica" and leave your question anonymously.
In today's episode we explore the difference between no contact and the silent treatment in your relationship with your narcissistic mother.
Jump in for my advice on this topic!
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