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Biblical Mindset for Entrepreneurs Wanting Success God’s Way Do you wish you could know for sure where God was leading you as an entrepreneur? Are you tired of trying things that never work in your business? Are you afraid if your business doesn’t work, then you’ll never find your purpose outside of being a mom? Are you ready to stop trying to create success the world’s way and find success God’s way? In this podcast, you’ll learn how to pair proven mindset strategies with Biblical truth to set you free from constant worry, doubt and uncertainty as an entrepreneur. My mission is to empower and equip you with a Biblical mindset to be successful in all God has called you to - from a mom and homemaker to an entrepreneur with impact. If you’re ready to say yes to God’s plan for you, stop striving in your own strength, and learn to surrender to His leading - then you’re in the right place. * Hey, I’m Alexia - wife, mom, and scientist turned entrepreneur. I’m passionate about helping Christian moms fully step into their calling by developing a Biblical mindset that will bring you success God’s way. After leaving my job to come home, my life quickly became chaotic as fear and worry consumed me and drove my actions. For years, I thought success came from my hard work and defined my value and worth, so I poured myself into being a successful entrepreneur at the expense of my family. Finally, I realized success really comes from obedience to God. My negative thoughts were keeping me from truly hearing and following God, so I needed to change my mindset. I started seeking answers from Scripture and cultivating my relationship with God. Then, using mindset strategies, I reprogrammed my faulty thinking with Biblical truth. I found more peace and joy in being an entrepreneur and a mom and freedom from the endless hustle and worry. I want the same for you, and I’m here to help you get there. If you’re ready to surrender your business to God and experience success on His terms…using simple yet powerful strategies…having more joy, peace, and confidence as you follow Him…then this podcast is for you! Let God work in you so He can work through you. Get your iced coffee, pop in those earbuds and let’s get started. More help -> Get support -> Community ->

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