Lauren Deighton And Darren Discuss How Audio Is Transforming Measurement

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The final part of the Ampel-produced trilogy on the power of audio sees Darren talking to Lauren Deighton, Ampel’s Director of Media and Partnerships, about podcast performance measurement and the all-important conversations with clients. On-Demand Audio is still a new medium, at least commercially, and framing the conversation in the right way is vital to having everyone viewing audio from the same perspective.

Podcast audiences aren't "digital" or radio - they're communities. Audio creates intimate connections and has the highest consideration and actions of any channel due to the trusted nature of the medium. So if its advantage is in impact, Why are we still measuring against reach and impressions?

They'll talk to the Head of Podcasting at one of Australia's largest podcast networks to discuss how clients are, and should, evaluating audio success.

Lauren Joyce is Chief Strategy and Connections Officer at ARN. Lauren is a Cannes Young Lion Gold Award winner and with years of experience in strategic and client partnership roles with companies like Mamamia, UM and Ensemble, she is perfectly placed to advise on the best way to converse with clients about the strengths of audio.

Bryan Barletta at Sounds Profitable is one of the audio industry’s most prolific thought leaders with his regular Podcasts and Newsletter about the best in audio tech and research. We were lucky enough to grab Bryan for a chat about where we are at with podcast ad-tech, and more importantly, what is coming next.

With thanks to Josh Butt, Michelle Lomas, Stuart Buckland, Lauren Deighton, Tania Peres, Justin McArthur, Luke Sewell, Brittany Frappell and Sez O’Neill from Ampel

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