End of Day Report - Mon 13 Dec

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The ASX 200 rallies another 26 points to 7379 in a solid if cautious start to the week. Well one highs into the close. Fed meeting beckons and some nerves ahead. Resources punching ahead as iron ore miners in focus, BHP up 2.7% and FMG up 2.0%. Gold miners slightly better and lithium wannabes doing well, AVZ up 17.8% and INR up 17.8% the stand outs. Banks mixed as the Big Bank Basket mildly positive at $174.71 (0.1%). Insurers though took a tumble with a IAG downgrade, down 3.6%, QBE off 3.3% and SUN down 1.1%. Industrials were generally positive, REITs in demand led by GMG up 1.2%and GPT up 2.9%. Healthcare mixed with CSL down 0.4% on acquisition issues and potential capital raising. Tech stocks mixed with APT down 1.3% and WTC at polar opposites up 1.8%, NXL dropped 4.0%. In corporate news, it looks like BHP is being beaten to Noront, STO listed on the PNGX and OSH is no longer. THC down 0.9% after a UK acquisition and CHC up 5.3% after a earnings upgrade and FUM update. Nothing on the economic front.
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