Marketing - How to A.T.T.R.A.C.T Clients and Progress

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Customers are the lifeblood of any business. However, gaining new clients is not something that happens by accident. Getting your audience's attention is key, as is keeping them interested and coming back for more. With a little common sense and strategic business actions, you may learn how to attract clients.
A – ATTRACT CLIENTS- managing email advertising, social media, and customer review sites and other platforms that you use.
T – TARGET MARKET- Being able to niche down who your target market would be: Let say you want to concentrate on Residential Cleaning - Who would be your ideal target market, is it going to be young busy family, single parents or young professional?
T- TYPES OF CLIENTS: Housecleaning clients come in two varieties: one-time and regular. A one-time cleaning is all that a one-time customer wants. On a regular basis, loyal customers want their homes cleaned by us. As many weekly, biweekly, and monthly repeat clients as you can acquire is your ultimate goal.
R- RE-ASSESS: Reassessment gives you a chance to look back on your interactions with a customer and see how they've progressed, as well as identify any obstacles you've encountered along the way. There are times when the degree of service provided to your client may need to be reevaluated, and it is important to know when these times are
A – ACQUIRE DATA: So, what do I mean by acquiring data and how do I do this? Acquiring data means taking all necessary information about your client, ie email address phone number, occupation and so on. Any data that would help you understand your client so much better.
C – COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Being able to identify your competitors. Evaluating your competitors strategies to find our their strengths and weaknesses to improve your service.
T – TRACK DOWN YOUR CLIENTS: Why is it crucial to your business. Because by doing so you will understand and identify and measure the traffic and figure out where are your leads coming from, by doing so you will allocate more time to the platforms that attract more client.

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