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Grab Their Attention And Get Yourself A Quick Win…

When writing effective headlines for our content, our objective is simply to become the signal amongst all of the online noise. So what methods can we use to interrupt someone’s day, grab their attention and keep them focused on the stuff we want them to read?

There’s so many ways for us to use our basic human emotions to steer people’s attention in the direction we want. Writing killer headlines is all about interrupting one’s pattern, so as copywriters we’ve got to make sure that it’s almost impossible for our audience not to drop what they’re doing and take a look.

This week, Tim and Jack are getting to the root of why people click on something, and the best ways in which we can get the same reaction from our audience.

How To Get Noticed…

  • Personalizing your headlines.
  • The power of the question mark?
  • The 9 different types of headlines.
  • An effective use of numbers.
  • Headlines and sub-headlines, the killer combo.

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